Send emails with sendgrid

Hi Just checking has anyone upgraded the Send emails with sendgrid to latest version (5.05)?

Does it still send emails for you?

Before reporting a bug just wanted to check it’s not me. If I migrate back to 4.3.0 it works but anything above doesn’t work. I think it might be something to do with API keys? Maybe they changed the format but haven’t documented it?

Anyone with thoughts?


Just test it, working. Maybe making a simple app test to validate? Maybe you are making more complex operations with Sendgrid ?

Yep tried that - didn’t work. Did you have to change the format of your API keys when you upgraded?

My app is on version 5 and I changed nothing.
edit: When you passed to 5, run a javascript on your edit browser (as described on Bubble post) on ‘ignore constraints’.

Mine does not work either.

Hmm so maybe something weird going on. @JohnMark are you using dynamic templates in SendGrid or legacy templates?


Legacy template

Just to interject… It seems like @simon is talking about version 5 of the sendgrid plugin and @JohnMark is talking about bubble app version 5.

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I am talking about the @copilot sendgrid plugin to clarify

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Hey @simon, @ryanck, @JohnMark,

We just pushed Version 5.1.0 of the Send emails with SendGrid plugin with support for Legacy Templates. In the past week, we’ve seen some common issues arise which may intersect with your own:

  • The API Key in the Plugins tab no longer requires the ‘Bearer’ prefix
  • Dynamic Template IDs are prefixed with ‘d-’ and are not interchangeable with Legacy Templates
  • Variable syntax for Dynamic and Legacy templates are {{VARX}} and %VARX% respectively
  • Unsubscribe Groups must be created in your SendGrid dashboard before use

If you continue to experience issues, shoot an email with context to :slight_smile:


Great thanks for the Push and bug fixes - will test


Yep that fixed it - just started working. Thanks great update


As always @copilot delivers.

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