SendGrid Warning for Newbies

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Just received this from SendGrid. They are saying the CANNOT switch IP addresses for senders and have told us that the impact others are having on our ability to send emails should just be tolerated. This is unacceptable to anyone running a business. We are trying to send notifications for password resets and user generated events (we aren’t spamming anything) and we cannot get our emails through.


SendGrid response to being asked to move our IP address.

Sep 10, 2020, 11:59 AM PDT

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us and reporting this IP blacklisting. When sending email through an account that is under the Free or Essentials pricing package, your account will be utilizing a shared IP pool. Being grouped with others in a pool of shared IP’s can offer several benefits, especially if you are only sending a moderate amount of email.
Although there are benefits to sending on shared IP’s, there are also risks which can sometimes produce unintended negative consequences. If some of these users display poor sending habits or behavior, it can negatively affect others (you) within the group.

There are many different blacklists, and not all are created equal. Blacklistings are usually temporary, but due to the nature of how shared IP sending works, they do come and go. The impact to an email program can be extremely varied usually depending on what domains you’re trying to send to. For example, blacklisted IPs could have little to no negative impact on delivery for senders focusing their traffic to larger inbox providers, while sending to smaller domains or inboxes could have a higher impact.

Please know that SendGrid is unable to move accounts to different shared IP pools, but our systems will programmatically move accounts to different pools based on reputation and internal logic.
SendGrid is also unable to move IPs in and out of pools because it gives the impression of Snowshoe Spamming; A strategy where spam is propagated over several domains and IP addresses to weaken reputation metrics and avoid filters, which can make things worse. We do however proactively monitor our shared IP pools and attempt to mitigate all blacklisted IP’s as soon as possible.

Here is some additional documentation regarding blacklists. If you have any other inquiries regarding this matter please feel free to reach back to us.
Please check the links below for more detailed information regarding our delivery process:


[name removed] Twilio Technical Support Engineer


I’ve moved most of my transactional mail to Postmark and am very happy with them. Look for the free Bubble plugin Rich Postmark Plugin to make it easy to use.

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I moved to postmark as well. Sendgrid has become unreliable and just a big headache.

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How are you moving system emails (like password reset/email confirmation) to postmark?


Hmm I am wondering the same. Can’t figure it out. Anyone know how we can move system emails (like password reset/email confirmation) to another email provider (e.g. postmark) ?

Password Resets can be done manually, when you create the workflow there is a checkbox to just generate the password token. From there, you can just use your[TOKEN GENERATED]

Such as this workflow:


For email confirmations, I generate a random code and mail it out to them, and they enter the code to continue sign-up. Some users have also been able to send generated confirmation links with a code (which you can grab from the URL to confirm, instead of making them type a code).

Wow I wish I had seen this post! I mainly use SendinBlue (it has been great but existing plugin does not support files, need to decode and convert into URL) and Sendgrid for system emails and emails with files. I chose Sendgrid for convenience to be honest as it connected directly to Bubble, no plugin needed, there was no need to figure out json, it seemed like a no brainer.

But it was a big mistake! Important emails got deferred today, been stuck with this issue all day and just found out they actually have a huge problem with black listed ip-addresses, most likely not going to be a one time event but a recurring problem (see @sanastas 's SendGrid response), there are a lot of people have also had the issue asking the same questions on other forums like Stackoverflow. AVOID SENDGRID PLEASE!

:triangular_flag_on_post: Also, just read this on Stackoverflow, "Starting on 2020-08-17, Sendgrid IP addresses were listed on Spamhaus for sending phishing emails."


I recently launched my MVP and I directly faced a huge problem… My Sendgrid emails (critical) was sent to spam sometimes. I’ve done SPF, DKIM and all things Sendgrid ask for. I even payed for own IP-adress. Still problem.

Now I use your PostMark HTML Plugin, works like a charm!!

Do you think it will be future proof? It’s critical in my app that email work :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Yeah, to the point that I literally bet my ability to login users on it. And more, of course, but you know how login/signup is vital for a business to work!

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I have been watching these Sendgrid posts for some while now. Didn’t think it would happen to me and so fast.

I’ve been 4 days migrating all my transactional emails from Sendgrid to Postmark after only testing my application with 2 users. Both users had problems, one was receiving emails in the Promotional folder in gmail and the other was just completely blocked from receiving emails from Sendgrid.

I guess I was naive on this one because I thought Sendgrid deserved enough respect as it was Bubbles default Email option. After this experience I would recommend Bubble removes Sendgrid integration from its product. It gives a false perception that we can rely on Sendgrid when in fact its an awful product. It’s best if clients just take their own decisions. For all newbies don’t expect that because Bubble uses Sendgrid its the best option. I’m already using Postmark and although a bit more expensive its currently working perfectly. It wouldn’t have been posible if it wasn’t for this great Bubble community. Thanks @deadpoetnsp and everyone else who has raised this concern.

Heads up to the Bubble forum :slight_smile:


To my knowledge Sendgrid had a lot of accounts hacked earlier this year and the support was flooded with requests that made it impossible for them to keep up. At one point (a large spamfilter service) had more than 140 Sendgrid ips blocked, that number is now hovering around 40.
I have moved away from Sendgrid but before the move I made sure to make a webhook to tell me whenever an email was blocked. Do this in the Sendgrid dashboard by going to:
Settings -> Mail Settings -> Event Webhook. Click “dropped” and “bounced” under DELIVERABILITY DATA and insert a webhook url. That could be a WF endpoint in bubble that then creates a warning for you (by email or whatever preferred method).

Btw. to users considering going the dedicated ip way: Reconsider this.
Having a dedicated ip will not necessarily solve your problems. Your ip will be complete new and “untrusted”, so large email providers will be more strict and in many cases block it. I recall a blogpost from Mailchimp once that explained this in detail, and unless you are sending thousands of emails per day, you’ll likely not gain anything by having a dedicated ip.

Edit: Link to article here:


Just FYI, I’ve succeeded in migrating the Airdev Starter template’s email “sendgrid” mechanism using Sendinblue, using the API connector, and it works like a charm. All emails sent using sendinblue are received in inbox, even for yahoo or Hotmail recipients.

If this migration can help anyone, please let me know and I will provide the way to do.


it would help me a lot. Just starting having a lot of issues with sendgrid. If you could provide a way to do it that would be a life saver

We are using this plugin

why my acount not aproved to sent emails in postmark? please anyone tel me why