Sendgrid+woodpecker(something instead of woodpecker)

Hello! I used woodpecker with sendgrid , because i wanted to send emails slowly, not like blast 100k emails with sendgrid. Thats why i needed

My question is , do you guys know any other cheaper platform instead of to use for sendgrid? Because costs too much, they ask 50$ per 1 mailbox which can send 4320 emails daily, so if i want to send lets say 100k daily, its over 1000$ monthly for woodpecker alone…

Please tell me any other cheap option for that, thank you!

I can’t be the only one confused as to whether this is spam or not :face_with_monocle:

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It is shady AF.

Anyway, answering to OP question. This is probably not the best forum for your questions. You probably want to check Affiliate Marketing forums. They will for sure have a better understanding of what tools you need to spam those poor guys.

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