Sending Invoice from Stripe from Workflow


I have searched through the Forum and cannot seem to find the answer, It was suggested that the stripe.js plug in could create an invoice but it no longer seems to be the case. Neither Bubble’s Stripe plug in or stripe.js seem to have the function.

We do not want to collect credit card details and we do not want to charge our customer right away even if we have their card on file in Stripe. We want to send an invoice from Stripe. Currently we do this manually but it would be great it we had a button we could click at the relevant time that would trigger sending the invoice based on the input email, invoice title and amount etc. Ultimately we would like to update a flag in bubble when payment is made.

I wonder if anyone has any pointers on triggering an invoice to be sent from Stripe to our customer?



Same here, this would be a great feature

Curious to hear if there was a solution found for this issue or if this was added to the stripe API? I am in a similar situation where I have a page where my user will input information and once the submit button is clicked I would like for an invoice to automatically be created by stripe and sent to the customer’s email. Still haven’t found a way to do this.


Yes we implemented something back then.

We use Integromat (now Make) to integrate with Xero (our accounts) and Stripe (our credit card processor). We use Postmark for sending transactional emails.

So basically when it is required to send the invoice to the partner we have a pop up with a standard email displayed. We have a button that via api and Make will create the invoice in Stripe (and a corresponding entry in our accounts Xero) and add the link to the invoice as a hyperlink in the email.

We then click another button to send the email so the user gets the email with a link to the Stripe invoice they can pay. When they pay the entry is already added as a payable in our accounts so we can Match that.

That is the gist of it…