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Sending emails to a larger group of users


Last few times, while using Postmarket email service, have send emails to a larger groups, around 350 users, scheduling the API for the backend, and the “loading” bar on the top goes around 20 sec, until the far (right) end of the screen, and then “says”; the app is too busy.

And it seems that the operation is disrupted, - it sends 80% roughly.

Hi there @conesult,

You’ll need to use a recursive workflow rather than scheduling a workflow on a list.

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Have though on first that you just opened a new door for me “labeled” - Recursive workflow.

Here i am, with recursive (i.e. scheduling) workflow, or is there something more?

Triggered by a button:

Goes to the backend: (Scheduled API)

By recursive workflow I mean this: Advanced guide: Creating Recursive Workflows and tracking their progress

Instead of trying to schedule a big list of things all at once, it loops through to do them in x amount of time instead of all at once if that makes sense

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Here’s my screenshot for a recursive Postmark Email in the backend.

  1. Specify input parameters (probably just a list of users for this case)
  2. Add the actions (send postmark email, make changes to user field)
  3. Create the looping mechanism (see screenshots)

Make sure to call the same API workflow, but with a list exactly 1 item less.
Also, make sure you’ve specified a sorting mechanism on all of the workflows!

You can also write the loop termination as a conditional when you schedule the workflow again.