Sending scheduled emails when the schedule changes


I have a list of meetings that are scheduled normally a week in advance. The date/time of the meeting is set on a table along with other details like the guest’s email addresses.

I want to be able to send them a quick reminder 30 minutes before the email.

The problem

So far the way I have done it is with a recurring event that runs weekly (on Monday), scans the table and then schedules an email that would be sent 30 minutes before the meeting. All of this is done in advance.

Now there’s an added capability where users can reschedule the meeting - eg the date will change. The problem is - the email is already scheduled to be sent at the original time, and then everyone is getting confused.


What is a good way to do this? I can run a recurring event every day, but reschedule could happen within the same day, which means the same problem. If it was a recurring event, ideally would have liked to run it every minute or even 10 minutes, but also - there is no way to programmatically cancel a scheduled process, as far as I know, so the original email would be sent anyway…

Hi @ido1:

I suggest: Use the Data base trigger.
And send the email before the thirty mins.

It would change a little bit of your flow. But I think this would be the best approach.

Thanks, Ali
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Thanks. If I understand correctly, this would only apply if the meeting was rescheduled (and as a result the time value changed) but how do I apply it to the original date, too?

Hi @ido1 ,
Instead of a recurring event, I would schedule an API workflow to send out the reminder e-mails at the “meeting date minus 30min”. So 3 workflows in total.




I hope this helps.

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