[SEO] Google doesn't index dynamic content?

Hi there!

Before publishing my website, I’m trying to optimize it SEO-wise and I’m starting to freak out, as I realize by inspecting the code that google will index, that some content seems to be simply invisible.

As my app is not published, I looked in the Bubble Showcase and find a similar problem.
On this page:

You can see the list of Amenities
In code visible indexable by Google, this Amenity list looks like:


No actual words are visible. If I look in Google’s index for this specific page, the word “elevator” for example is indeed not indexed.

Please tell me there is a settings to change so that the code will print the content and not just id :disappointed_relieved:

Subsidiary SEO questions:

  • Is it possible to replace the IDs in url by a readable version? Like replacing /listing/1511231049847x851865164542115800 by /listing/office-soho
    I dug an old post where Emmanuel said they may look into it soon but I don’t know if it has been implemented

Many thanks!

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Many thanks,

Ok I found something.

Actually, using Chrome, there is a big difference between “Right Click on an element > Inspect” and “View source” (cmd+alt+U on macs). I always thought it was the same, but it’s not! It is for HTML, but not javascript related content. Don’t ask me why ^^


If you Right click > Inspect on the “doorman” word on this above example, you will see it! (not by analysing the code in “View Source”)

It helps a lot to understand, but then the goal being to have content indexed by Google doesn’t seemed to be solved.

Looking at another page of this website I keep in example:

It works here, the first page I took as a reference was simply not indexed at all, maybe it was a brand new page :confused:

Whole case closed!
Thanks @fayewatson for leads that helped me in my investigation, in the end it was a non-issue, but it scared the hell out of me!


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