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SEO & Repeating group content


I’m building my FAQ page for my website and I realized that the content of my repeating group cannot be retrieved on the code source page. So it won’t be indexed for SEO.

Anyone has a solution for this ?


Edit : In meanwhile, I added a schema markup using HTML but its not using dymamically the content of my RG…

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Kind of a simplistic answer… but don’t use a repeating group. Just put the content into groups on the page.

@Amine-Belgasys, oh no! I didn’t know this, and this is ESSENTIAL to my Bubble app. Really, REALLY hoping Bubble has a fix or else someone in the community has an idea. @eve, any ideas or input on this from the Bubble perspective?

@ed727, not sure in the OP’s scenario, but this isn’t really a viable option, unfortunately, as groups on a page don’t support dynamic addition of new groups containing things like different kinds of controls. Let’s say you want to dynamically display 3 text boxes and then a button for an article but then a different article has an image, a text box, an image, and THEN a button.

Hi, was responding to the question about FAQs – it’s pretty simplistic and static information, so having a datatype, RG, etc was overkill in my case.

Regarding whether Google indexes RGs, I’m not an expert on it, but I just checked to see what Google has indexed on my site…

  • My company news page is set up as a RG with title, date and first few lines of each article, and all that looks indexed by Google.
  • My FAQ is set up as static text within groups, with the answers showing /hiding when someone clicks the title. Looks like Google indexed the titles but not the answers, I’m assuming since the answers are hidden on page load.

Gotcha, @ed727, and that’s interesting on the RG behavior. Are the hidden items not shown at all, or are they hidden on load but then display? I ask because I have a number of elements that are hidden but display on page load based on conditionals.

The hidden items (FAQ answers) are hidden on page load. When someone clicks the question it displays the group that contains the answer. Since Google only indexed the questions, my assumption is that it only indexes stuff shown on load.

On my company news page, the article titles are set up as links (actual links, not worklows) to an articles page which displays the full article (populating dynamically from the database). All that is indexed. So my assumption is that google will follow actual links, but not workflow links/buttons.


I’m running into the same issue. I want my FAQ to be indexed/crawled by google, but not show all the answers directly since that would look awefull on specific pages in my website. Is there a way to ’ hide’ text but let it be crawled anyway?

I don’t know the answer, but there is a lot of stuff online on this topic of google crawling and hidden text.

Google seems to be selective in crawling hidden text – trying to distinguish between “legitimate” hidden text like an accordion or tabbed content, and spammy hidden text designed to trick search engines, but not be shown to the user.

Also, from our perspective as app builders, there may be some text we want hidden – for example a group that only shows when a user logs in – so we wouldn’t want Google to crawl 100% of text by default.

Google’s bots have to make a determination on what hidden text to index, so the answer is somewhere in understanding what those factors are.

All this being said, my basic understanding is that if you want Google to index something and rank it higher – you need to make it as easy as possible for Google – meaning simple is better than complex, put text directly on the page, use of H1, H2 etc. to guide Google through the page, fast loading, etc.

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