Separate field list of text to be displayed in a repeating group

I have a field with a list of items in it separated by a comma

Would it be possible to separate the text by the comma to display these individually in a repeating group?

Currently the RG is displaying it as:
horns made of ivory, studded rim made of gold, chain around the rim

When Id like to get it to display:
horns made of ivory
studded rim made of gold
chain around the rim

I’ve tried :spilt by and a lot of different variations with no success.

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Hi there, @luminrabbit… I know you said you tried it, but using :split by and splitting by the comma should produce the desired result. So, the repeating group’s data source would be something like Search for Decriptions:first item's:lineItems-list:each item:split by (,). I don’t know how you are defining which thing in the Description data type you want to show in the repeating group, so that’s why I put :first item in my example, but you get the point.

If that isn’t working for you, maybe post a screenshot or two.



Thank you so much that did the trick!
I didn’t have :first items in there as I was just trying to display everything but this is fantastic! Thank you very much!

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Hi @mikeloc

I am having the same issue with splitting a Field List of texts in a repeating group.
Ingredients List:

Repeating Group Settings:

Repeating Group Text Settings:

Perhaps you can help me troubleshoot - any help is much appreciated!

If I am seeing things correctly, try taking the expression in your second screenshot and putting it in the first screenshot as the data source of the repeating group. Then, select the appropriate option (which might just be This Text) for the text element in the second screenshot.

Edit: after taking a closer look at your data, I don’t think you are going to get the desired result by using the solution in this thread.

I know the thread is almost a year old, but I had exactly the same need for the app I’m creating.
The principle is that a user can take care of several customers at the same time, and the manager wants to know in real time who is taking care of which customer.

So I have a RG that includes the list of users, then another RG inside based on a Type of content Text and a Data source with Search for Users : each item's Current client'Company name (the Search being filtered by the unique id with a Parent group's User's unique id).

Finally, in this RG, I place a Text element with simply Current cell's text and I have a RG with the list of my customers and a line break between each name.

Hope this helps :wink: