Server Capacity Metrics - Maximum capacity reached

I’m having questions about “capacity”, one of my apps is consistently hitting max capacity, but checking logs, Avg CPU capacity has never exceeded 20%. Does anyone have an actual notion of what capacity is it that the app is being limited by?

Capacity hits can be caused by a variety of factors. My recommendation would be to “zoom” in on the area that’s showing maximum capacity was hit (with the Start and End fields) and then scroll down and look at what workflows or other factors are taking the most capacity. For me, capacity is usually hit due to workflows, but it can vary by app.

Right, but, server capacity is either limited by CPU, RAM or storage, we don’t have any RAM usage visibility and number of workflows ran simply will require more of CPU or RAM resources. For me, this isn’t that clear or straight forward. The ran WF peaks are not consistent with the moments where maximum capacity was hit.

I’ll dig in a little bit more into the logs but, @bubble should clarify this more.

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I agree that the “Capacity” metric is far from perfect, and I think the reason it’s so difficult to show deeper stats is that they are non constant and are instead a combined measurement. I.e. you don’t have a hard RAM limit, but using lots of CPU and RAM at the same time would weight more on your capacity than using the same amount but only on one at a time. I don’t remember where I can find the post, but I think it is a combination of ~8+ different metrics.

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