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Server Capacity Random Question

Will the professional plan be enough to handle 1000 users at the same time? considering an app with basic functions, pulling out few data in the database at the same time? Any idea will be appreciated.

It is all dependent on how you’ve set up your database, but I really think 1,000 users would be no problem. One of my SaaS’s had about 20k users on the Professional plan and I didn’t have any issues. Occasional slowing, albeit my database was not setup the same as it is now, so it wasn’t as efficient. Currently, it sits at 6,693 users due to a rise in competition and me not having time to dedicate to upgrading the system.

Anyhow, back on track, we have a little over 6,000 users on a Personal (Legacy) plan now, and I have no issues.

Hope this helps!