Service with some kind of “Pre-Loading-queue”

Hi all,

Is there a “pre-loading-queue” service that can handle a high traffic volume and prevent app crashes, similar to how TML manages ticket sales? We expect thousands of users to visit our app within 30 minutes. - Then it will slow down.

Unfortunately, the app crashed twice when we had that amount of traffic, resulting in a bad UX and no bookings… (We’re on the professional plan)

We are looking for a service that will allow all users to land on a pre-loading queue and then redirect 100 users to the target website every 5 minutes.


Hi there, @oliviercoolen… I don’t know of any service like the one you described, but I’m guessing you know you can add up to 7 (I think) additional units of capacity on the Professional plan. Could you boost the capacity up for those 30 minutes?


@mikeloc aha, I checked it now and that’s indeed possible. Yesterday was very hectic and I completely missed the Temporary boost. (I was looking at the additional capacity which costs $30 extra per month). We will try this next week and evaluate, thanks for the fast response!

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By the way @mikeloc - there’s no need to deploy the app after using the Temporary boost, it will automatically be applied to the Live version, is that correct?

That’s correct.

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@mikeloc - sorry to bother you again with this, but unfortunately, our app crashed again. Is Bubble in general not capable of handling 750-2000 users per minute? We used the 7 units with the professional plan but with no luck.

Any solutions here or things you’d do? The app should only be this “busy” for 10-30 minutes, then it’ll drop down to 100 a day.

I appreciate any help you can provide!

I don’t pretend to be an expert when it comes to Bubble capacity, but I have always been under the impression that it is not necessarily about the number of users (unless the number is huge, of course) but more about what those users are doing in your app. If I was you, I think I would be reaching out to Bubble support at this point to get their insight into exactly why your app crashed and to see what they think you should do about it. I would hope they could provide you with actual (tactical) guidance to navigate this situation. The punchline may be that you simply have to keep going up the plan ladder until your app doesn’t crash anymore, but again, I would want to work directly with Bubble support to figure it out.

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@oliviercoolen Bubble capacity works in mysterious ways… maybe in the near future we can analyze exactly what is using up capacity more clearly…

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