Set Current page "thing"

Is it possible to change a Current page “thing” and have that new data populate without having to reload the page?

Currently I use a repeating group with a set of selections. Using workflow on the text field inside the RG, I set a state to Current cell’s “thing”, in my case it’s “Property”. After setting this state, I do a Go to page “page_name” and send “Current cell’s Property”.

Is there no way to populate a page with the new “thing” without having to reload the page? I do a lot of things in the Page load workflow that I’d rather not do if the only thing changing is the data.


Lol, here I am for the third time finding this question in a search because I have the same question. I think I have been looking for this answer about once a month.

Can you please share the screen shot?

IIRC go to a page which is the same page doesn’t ‘reload’ it.

FWIW what I’ve been doing for a long time is creating a custom state on the page the same type as the page’s thing. on page load, I set the state from the page’s thing, and build my page to reference the state, not the page’s thing. That way I can change it easily in a workflow.

Nigel is correct in that “go to page” action doesn’t refresh the page if it’s the current page, but I have experienced some issues with certain plugins reacting poorly to that method. YMMV.

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