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Setting the Page object from a workflow on the same page?

Is it possible to set the page object from a workflow step on the page? Or do you need to ‘navigate’ to the page again passing the object you want it to load with?

Same question for a popup. Eg. you want to open an object from a repeating group in a popup rather than a separate page - how would you set the source of the popup in a workflow?

Yes, you can use a change page action. if the page is the same, it’ll just update the thing.

And for a dropdown, use ‘Display data’ action.

Where is the Change Page action? Can you pls post a screenshot?

Also, is it possible to use this action to set the data for a popup? If not, how do you set the data for a popup?

The action is in Element Action.

Display data … and select the popup.

And the go to page action is in Navigation.