Set focus to input highlights text

Hi everyone,

In my app you can click a button to rename page sections that are initially called ‘Untitled’. Clicking the button triggers a workflow containing ‘set focus to input A’ for example, so the user can customise the section name.

I think it’d be useful if setting focus to an input automatically selected the initial / existing content so that you could just start typing to overwrite with new text. That way the user wouldn’t have to use ‘select all’ or double / triple click the text to overwrite it.

Overall, I like the concept of having a select-all highlight.

However, in this sort of case, it’s better to have “Untitled” as Placeholder instead of Initial Content.

If there is a necessary case for having the field have the name “Untitled”, you could use the workflow action Make changes to the thing’s section name and set it to have no value, followed by the set focus action to the specific field.

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Awesome workaround, can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thanks Dan!

It is necessary in this case as there’s an edit button that switches a text to an input to edit the name of the page section live. I wanted to make creating new sections a very quick process with just one button click and no initial input required, so a new section is called untitled to make sure the user sees something in the text box at the top of their newly created section to know they need to edit and personalise it,

For your workaround, I’ll add your step as a workflow stage with the condition “When Section’s Name is Untitled” so it’ll only erase the name if the user hasn’t already personalised it.

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