Setting up Stripe Destination payments on

Nice another step closer. Is there an easy way to make a reusable Source for Live site?

I’m not sure what you mean. But, if you don’t enter any dynamic data into that source input, it’ll use the default one you used in the API connector. (So, sorta reusable? :slightly_smiling_face:)

As far as I worked out, the one in the API connector is only good for testing, when its in Live mode that Srcxxxxxxx no longer exists and a new one needs to be created. The Srcxxxxxxxx value i have was borrowed from the test docs.

Its probably explained perfectly here how to make one but I haven’t got the experience to understand what it means or how to make it happen in Bubble.

Gotcha. Yeah I’m not entirely sure, and I’m not entirely sure about ‘source’. I usually always use ‘customer’ instead. This way, I pass the customerID and it does the rest for me.

To pass through a customer would they first need to be setup on stripe as a connected user?

This is different than the connected stripe account. The customer refers to a customer that is associated with that account.

So if I have an online store, someone signs up as a seller, and that seller has customers, those customers would be the ones being passed through.

Everyone, stop moving! There is a Stripe plugin available that does all of this including taking application fee on invoices, which is the best method if you ask me rather than using destination charges. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@nocodeventure For the record, I gave your great plugin a shoutout at the start of the post. :wink:

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Finally got it all working. Only took 6 days, 28 posts and 17 chats with stripe connect as a no -coder to work it out haha. (In hindsight I wish I’d seen that plugin by @nocodeventure on day 1)

I Used the stripe plugin by bubble to take credit card details before referring to my API connected calls. This way the stripe plugin makes a customer id to the buyer, I also added the Param on_behalf_of to set that it uses the sellers currencies as my platform uses both aud and nzd. processed a real payment from buyer in aud to seller in aud, then fees to platform/admin in nzd and it worked perfect.

Still have some work to do on what happens after the successful payment is completed but glad this portion is working.

Massive thanks for all the help @lantzgould really appreciated it. :beers:

Note: to anyone reading this looking for the same solution, just buy the plugin if you don’t know code like me, its an absolute nightmare to try workout stripe connect. You will burn more time than the plugin price will cost you.


Thanks for the shoutout, I recommend you to also look into taking application fees from invoices rather than destination charges.

Subscription related recurring payments have invoices generated on each cycle, during the pending process you can adjust the invoice and add an application fee.

Focussing on invoices gives you more control, just make sure you only take fees on invoices within products created by your app.

Good luck with your journey though!


Feels good to have caught up on some sleep finally haha.

I have 3 seperate payment systems in my app, direct charge for products I sell, destination payments for events/products sold between users where I take a fee and Recurring subscription payments which go direct to me to allow a regular user to upgrade to a business type account.

I do plan to add in the ability for my users to sell subscriptions of their own to other users where i’ll take a fee so when that time comes i’ll definitely take another look at your plugin.

You can’t take a fee on subscriptions users create themselves. You can however create a subscription on the connected account and then you have full access to add fees :+1:

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