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Setting up stripe payments quickly

lets say i want to make a premium product. only when you pay 50$ once you get access to it.

Which plugins/ workflows do I add to get this done quickest?

The old way would be stripe v2 plugin, “charge current user” and step 2 is if step 1 charge is not empty then make changes to current user: paid= yes.
Voila, done.

However, with SCA compliant stripe bubble plugin v3 this does not work, so as far as I understand I need “charge current user” and also to set up a stripe webhook as step 2 cannot reference step 1.
This is super hard for beginners! (I can do it no problem but it does take much longer than before)

As current users stripe subscription is active/no is not helpful for one time charges, just subscriptions.

Is this correct or there is another way that is quicker e.g. with stripe js plugin?

For one time payments we often will use a stripe payment link. All the setup then is done in Stripe which is very easy. The only thing left then is to create the payment created/succeeded webhook workflow which shouldn’t be much work either.

Obviously there are other solutions, just throwing out an idea that works for us.

Use the Stripe table with the callback URL.