Share credentials with Agency [Safe ?]

i have found an agency on upwork ready to imprive my bubble app, how safe is it to share credentials ? (password not linked to any other services)

Is there a way to save/export my bubble app, in the case they decide to delete everything.

i’ve spent 1 month already building it, would really suck if it got deleted by an agency :frowning:

I’ve checked the agency they seem to have made 400k in revenue, propably means they are legit. We can never be safe enough

You shouldn’t even share your Bubble password with anyone.

If they are Bubble agency, you can add this as a collaborator without upgrading your plan.

not sure they have it, i will ask.
Also i will have to give them my AWS account, not sure if there is an alternative way of giving them access to my AWS (maybe IAM)(ye i think it’s with IAM)

You can share with them but without giving them app admin functions. Just editor rights.

Uncheck “admin” above for their respective email address (that is the first column that is not shown on this pic)

i only have the starter plan, can i still do it ?



If the agency has a valid Agency account they can be added wihtout any upgrades.

can you add collaborators on the starter plan ?

If this agency has an agency Bubble plan their agency email address can be added to your application as a collaborator in any type of Bubble app.

oh ok, thx for the info

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