Sharing Dynamic page url link to social media platforms

Where do I go if I would like to share a more dynamic url link when sharing a specific pages url that displays that particular page details. the one that appears is the one that appears at the SEO/Metatags
I tried to change the follow settings but nothing changed, see bellow screen shots


Have you gotten anywhere with this? I’m not able to find a way to customize the share information. I can plug in a dynamic title and use “this url” for the current page, but it always promotes “Bubble”, not my own site or the dynamic page content I want to share. Very disappointing. I would have though by now Bubble would have comprehensive sharing capability. Guess not?

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Why do you put images behind the links? Why don’t you create a workflow? When the image is clicked, go to “the link…”. Is there any advantages?

Yes, the link on the page is picked up by search engines and helps with SEO…on page linking seems to be one of about 15 factors behind search engine rankings

Plus, why bother with a workflow when it is not needed.

To be honest though, I have made use of a few different ways to navigate between pages (which is slightly off topic).

What I have found is links can be slow, when interlinking between different pages of your app, because, well, the app could be slow to load a page, but the workflow event Navigation Go To Page is pretty quick.

So at times, I have a link on page that is behind an invisible group (ie: no background), which is on page for SEO purposes, but the invisible group when clicked triggers a workflow to navigate to a page, for the purposes of speeding things up a bit.

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Thanks for the info!

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