'Sharefile' has Unlimited File Storage for $10/m?

So here’s something interesting:

Unlimited file storage for $10 a month?
With API support?

Am I missing something here?


Plan comparison chart had no indication of a limit of API usage.
I HAVE to have overlooked something because this seems almost too good to be true…

@levon make a plugin for this?

I think its promotional strategy & pricing will change.
anyway heres the api doc
and their forum
https://community.sharefilesupport.com/citrixsharefile/ .

Ask Sharefile to build the bubble plugin

Knowing Sharefile… not sure they will go fast to create a plugin. But you can create your own integration. This is not so difficult.

Has anyone’s successfully managed to integrate Sharefile into their bubble application?
I am interested to see how well it worked, how they achieved it.

I have worked with Sharefile a lot of time before but not with Bubble directly. But It’s not a hard API to work with and can be easily integrated (if you know how to work with API Connector).
Maybe if there some people that want a plugin, I can consider create one.


There can never be too many storage options on bubble :slight_smile: @Jici


a plugin will be greatly appreciated :grinning:
I tried using an API previously with API connector and failed, so it would be extremely helpful