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Hello Bubble forum!

I’m planning on building a platform. The platform will sell leads (Email info, phone number etc that users has oped in them selfs)

About the platform
The customers should be able to search the database for leads with filters, for example:
Age: 20-25 | City: London | Sex: Male

But when the results form the database appears I want it to hide their email, phone and full name and next to it I want a “add to cart” so they can add that lead to their cart and purchase. Once they do they will get their contact details.

I somewhat know all the basics with databases, filters etc but can you please suggest YouTube tutorials I can look at that would help me?

Thank you :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, that should be reasonably simple with privacy rules. Your “leads” table would all users to view ‘age, city, sex’ fields, but not ‘name, email’ fields.

Then when they ‘add to cart’, your workflow that sends them an email or whatever could grab those values by selecting ‘ignore privacy rules’.

Either that, or setup a ‘purchased leads’ data thing that essentially copies over the whole lead record so they can see it after buying.

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Ahh I was on that track but did not quite know how to go about it, thanks a lot! will definitely try this out!

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