Show Default Input on group

Hello Everyone, I am having a little trouble getting a group to show my default input. How can i do this? Is it possible? Thanks!

Hi there, @ticketcycle… it will be difficult for anyone to help using only the information you provided. Can you share more details and, better yet, some screenshots of what you have done so far and exactly what isn’t working?


Hey Mike, Sorry for the superficial question. I am making a marketplace for events. I want to set the image for a specific event as the default image on my data type.
for example: In the page that shows the details for Event 1 I want the image displayed to be the default image on my data base for this event. To be honest I am pretty lost… so I dont have any progress to show you. Does this information help? I am going to attach a screen shot of my data base and the group so it is easier to understand. As you can see in the images below I have a data base for Event (1) with a default image set and I want the background of group A to be this default image. Thank you so much!

I just tried this set up in my workflow that I saw here in the forums. But it also didint work.

The first thing that comes to mind (and I could be off base here because I still don’t understand exactly what you are trying to do) is that if you are creating a marketplace for events and you created a custom data type for a specific event (Event 1), well, that is definitely not the way to go. You would want to have a “generic” data type called Event, and events would be created as things in that data type. You would also have a field in the Event data type that stores a file or an image, and each event would have its own file or image in that field. With that configuration, you would be able to set up a group so that its background shows a particular event’s image, and you’d be good to go.

Just some friendly advice, but it seems like you might be struggling with some of the most basic concepts of Bubble, and if that’s true, it will definitely hinder your ability to get up the Bubble learning curve. If you are super new to Bubble, I would suggest taking a step back and completing the tutorials that Bubble offers. They are a great way to build a solid foundation of knowledge before you dive in and start building an app.

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