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I have a ToDo list where I can add elements. When each element is done, the field “finished” changes from “no” to “yes”
I have a group with two buttons. I only want the group to show when/if there are elements that have “yes” in the field “finished”.
I cant figure out to make an event that does the job so need a push in right direction…
Can anyone explain how I could do this?

I have tried several ways but no luck. this is one why I tried:

You should use a condition on the Group C. Make your group C visible only when finished is yes.
You don’t need a workflow, but if you want to use a workflow, you can use Only when trigger or Field input value has changed trigger.

Thanks for reply and recommend that I use condition but I still have som trouble getting the right When-sentence.
In the example here. It turns red and not working.

Are you trying to make it visible when all TODO in your RG are finished?
If yes use this
Repeating group:filtered (filter set to finished = no):count is 0

No. I have two repeating groups for done & not done ToDos. I hide/unhide the repeating groups based on clicking on either button “Mangler” (not done) or “Udførte” (done). This works.
Now I am trying to only show the buttons when there is actually one or more times that are done. (they are not relevant for the user until).

To explain in a different way what I am trying to do with Group C:
if “yes” is in ToDo finished -> show Group C
else hide Group C.

So use the same filter but with filter set to finished = yes with :count > 0

Thanks. I think I understand now. :slight_smile:

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