Show Sign-up/login when user isn't signed up before workflow

Hello bubblers!

Just wondering,

I have a Call to Action, that requires the user to be logged in.

Now, I did it like this

But, the condition is the user to be logged, in, so when the user isn’t, it opens the log in popup.

But, some users, after clicking the button for the first time, they register, but don’t press it a second time to make the workflow run.

Is there a way, to make a user Signup, and then run the other workflow automatically?

Can both of these actions be in a single Event? After combining, you would remove the “only when clause” from the event, and place it on the Signup action.


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No, they can’t because SIGN-UP is a workflow in the “header” section. While the Call to action is a specific workflow of each page.

That’s whay I would like to automatically connect them only when user is not logged in

If I’m reading this correctly, you might consider putting the workflow in the API portion of your app, which is generally better because it’s 1) reusable and 2) takes the work off the client side.
So, if user is logged in, then your workflow would look like “schedule workflow Asegurado… at current time” where as if the user isn’t logged in you’d show the log in/signup popup.
Tied to the ‘submit/create account’ button, and after logging the user in you’d set the “schedule Asegurado… at current time” workflow to run.

Since you’d set up the actions on the API side you could call the workflow from wherever you are in the app.

Hope that helps!

I couldn’t do that, because for every page, there is a different call to action. So in “car insurance” workflow creates a car insurance quote request thing. But in property it does create a different thing, and so on.

So if I do that, for linking the signup button to the call to action api workflow, would be a mess, because should be different for each page.

There isnt any function, that only for that page, it could run automatically after clicked the first time and signed up?

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