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Show stripe balance

I am requesting help on showing a users balance by using there connected card on stripe and how will this work if they have multiple cards on Stripe connected to there user on bubble. In a text format.

Do you mean you want to show the balance that a connected seller has? Meaning the amount of money they have in their Stripe account?

Yes I want the text to show the amount of money they have in their stripe account

I think the only thing you can do is create a login link that takes them to their dashboard. Subsequently, you can track their income from each transaction and make a new data entry for each. Then tailor-make a dashboard to show this information.

Just make a Get call to the Stripe Balance API for the connected account to retrieve the balance.

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Not sure how to do that exactly. I added this to the text dynamic data section. Retrieve Stripe Balance’s Available_amount:formatted as 1,028.58

But the amount is still £0.00

By the way the 1,028.58 is not the actual balance thats just the format I want it to be.

Also in Stripe (In test mode) I have GBP Balance of £1,000 but I’m not sure what that means exactly because if I go to the Customers tab in Stripe I have Invoice Credit balance of £1,000 also but they are to seperate things I’m thinking the Customer account connected with the User on Bubble is supposed to show the balance so that each customer has there own balance if that makes sense for differen’t user accounts. The GBP Balance I think is my FinZen Stripe account balance as a whole nothing to do with the User accounts. As you can tell I’m very confused.

So you’re talking about customers… not connected Stripe accounts?

yes I just want to show the balance of a customers card as it’s a financial advisor app I’m making and I’m using Bubble Stripe Plugin to store there information.

You can’t access a customer’s bank balance, if that’s what you’re asking?..

The only ‘balance’ that exists in Stripe for the Customer object refers to any credit they may have, or money owed, which can applied to a future invoice… in which case you can access that through the Customer’s Balance…

But I’m not sure that’s what you’re trying to do, (or is it)?

i believe what he is trying to do if am not wrong because this is my issue also,
i was playing around and made a wallet that basicly detucts money from customers card,
and then modify the user’s balance in the wallet , through calling stripe for displaying the balance of the customer.

What balance are you talking about?

for example i have this wallet i have on bubble, i charge the customer with their choice of amount, then when the payment is confirmed and added to stripe, i want to call stipe to display or update the cutomers balance in my app.

Display or update what balance? It’s still not clear what you’re asking…

just imagine a normal wallet app, displays the customers balance, the balance is when a customers pays us in the app a certain amount of money, 1$ for example , this will be paid through stripe, after that stripe will have the data that a customer has paid 1$, i want to update my app so that the customers balance is updated on their screen, its not a true balance its just a reflection of what they have paid through the app,stripe.

similar to this proccess Basic Mobile App Wallet Design built with - YouTube

So you mean the ‘balance’ is just a number stored in your app? And you just want to deduct the amount spent from the existing balance?

That’s simple… just deduct the transaction amount from the current balance in your database when a transaction is successfully processed.

as an idea i totally get what you explained thanks, but i dont know how to ask about it and how to do it exactlt, i am a proffessional but this a new thing for me

and one more thing decuting balance from my database is not a thing, the thing here is how i want to display their current balance in my apps databse in relation to their payments on stripe , thanks alot

I really have no idea what you’re talking about… what balance are you referring to? Where is it stored if not in your database?

In any case, it sounds to me as though you need to start from the very beginning, and learn the basics of how to use Bubble before going any further - otherwise you’ll struggle to get anywhere.

So I’d take a step back and learn basic things like how to work with data, and how to display it, then doing what you’re trying to do (although I’m still not too sure what that is), should be easy.

i belive as well it is easy, and doable, not a problem i will watch some stripe tutorials, thanks any man,