Showcasing my app before going live

Hello guys,

I would like to thank you everybody who has seen the app and made a constructive opinion on it. It really means much to me.


Nice I’d put up my apartment for rent if I had one

Hey @paulogustavopeixoto, good luck on your launch!

Quickly inspecting, looks like you have a hidden button at the top that is visible on mobile but is a blank value.

P.s. you can view what it would look like by using your browsers Developer tools and playing around with the device sizes. Upon clicking on a ‘property’, the details are pushed left. I’d recommend setting them center with the page.

Best of luck,


Thanks @zach really means much to me

Hello @lantzgould and thanks for your review. That button is where the logo will sit but I still not sure what name to apply for the app ahah. In terms of those details you refering to, do you mean text elements on the amenities part?


Is that a name for the app?

Yeah only one I can think of

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Hi @paulogustavopeixoto

Your app looks good, I hope you get the results you want

This is a pretty nice AI domain generator. Suggests domains according to keywords and shows availability. It can also be a guide to finding names for your application.

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Hello @eren .

Glad you enjoyed it. Just need to finish a few things and the app is finally finished. I will have a look at that yes thanks.

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Wow! Looks awesome. Did you do everything yourself? Would love to chat and pingpong some ideas.

Hello Don,

Thanks for the support. Yeah design it all done by me. Send me a PM and lets chat mate.

I need to be on higher level. Makes sense. If you use telegram, i would prefer chatting there, feels more safe :wink:

I dont use it I am afraid

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Is your underlying DB fully functional? I didnt go through the whole system since I didnt know what Updone is and a search didnt make my any wiser.

Hot damn. That website looks really good! I wouldn’t have thought of making a website like that haha!

updone is a made up name since I dont have a name for it yet as of today. The database is fully functional yes. So for instance if you open a listing page you will see the amenities showing certain images either colored or grey. It is programmed to show grey if that amenity is No and vice versa. The owner of the listing sets everything when creating a listing.

thanks. It really means much people enjoying it.