Showing last item per Customer in RG

Hello! I have a RG that shows all our sales persons’ activities. Just like this sample below. The RG shows a collection of all, but I want to simplify it only to show the last activity / item per customer .

This is my goal, to simplify the RG to show only the last item per customer.

Should be straightforward. Should have a datatype (eg activity) with these fields, and then just search for the last item, assuming these are inputted chronologically

When I use an operator “last item”, it usually results to error. What I am looking it at is to only get the last activity (based on date), of each customer.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 13.50.31

You need to group it by customer then sort the creation date to descending order then get the first item. This will show the latest activity per customer.

You can’t use last item in the Table, you need to use it in your column.

The workflow works by allowing the user to create dates that may be at a latter time. For example, my first entry is on June 25, 2024, then my second entry is June 20, 2024. If I base it on the last time, it will capture June 20, 2024 instead of June 25, 2024. So instead of last item, I think it should be chronological.

I am able to filter now based on last item using constraints in “search” expression, but instead of last item, I think it should be most recent date

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 14.12.49

In your search for sales sort it by descending order,

June 25, 2024
June 20, 2024

Then just get the first item

Or you can just do the reverse, sort it in ascending order and get the last item.