Sign up with slack -> Ok | Log in with slack -> failed


I’m using the Slack plugin developped by Bubble. All is working unless one thing : Login in.

There is only one option in the workflows to “Signup/login with a social network”, which is slack in my case.

Sign up is working well, but when I want to enable users login with slack (in a login popup for example), it send me to the same Oauth page used in sign in and redirect me to the page with the message “this email is already use by a user”.

Did I mis something ?

Thanks for the help

This message typically comes up if the user had previously signed up with email, but it’s currently logged out. You will need to have that user logged in with email first, and then do slack OAuth, so that Bubble associates that email-sign up with the OAuth. You only need to do this once, and after that either email or OAuth can be used for log in.

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Thank you so much, it’s working now ! :grinning:

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