Slack log in - email data is saved but not appearing in database - "email is already used"

So, I have integrated it with Slack.

Some users can sign up at the page, get an email, and sign up to Slack workspace with the link.

Some users who already been registered in Slack workspace previously, can log in right away.

Now the thing is,

  1. once the existing Slack user signs up on the web using sign form and logs in with Slack credentials it returns :

    Saying “the email is already used”
  • it won’t let the user log in
  1. if the existing slack user doesn’t sign up but simply log in with the slack credentials the data is not saved in the bubble user database
  • where has it gone to?
  1. when i try to upload existing Slack member database to my bubble user database, they return again:

The email is in use.

Figured out that I can save the email data by using “create a thing”, BUT it wouldn’t save it in the user folder.

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