Simple Database Problem

Hi all,

Got an issue on my expense claim I’m trying to create. Basically for whatever reason, the base office is duplicating it’s value in the box and I’m unsure why? Nothing else seems to be duplicating, could a anyone help?

This is what it looks like on the live version;

This is it in the edit mode;

And this is it in preview mode;

If someone could help you’d really be doing me a favour! :slight_smile:

Is the User’s Office field a list—i.e., is it allowed to have multiple items? If that’s the case, it looks like “Boston” may be in Kevin’s list of offices more than once. If each user only has one office, you’ll need to create an Office field that isn’t a list.

Without doing that, you should be able to reduce the list to just one instance of “Boston” by adding “:first item” to the Initial content search—so, “Search for Users’s Office:first item.”