Simple, intuitive, free online retrospective tool

Just sharing to share. For any of you that work on an agile team that performs retrospectives, I’d love to hear your feedback.


nice product, i like trello for this & its free. I feel like you could benefit from a design system like

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Thanks Max. And yeah, Trello is a great tool for this too. I built as a simple retro organizer tool for our company. Across multiple scrum teams, it was never easy to locate previous retros quickly. The paid version of this product allows for history tracking, a “team link” that when clicked takes a user to the most recent retro board for that team (useful for recurring invites), the ability to create board templates, and a few other features that just make managing and creating retrospectives easy and fast.

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It’s a cool idea!

I would give it a try, but having to input my cc numbers before I could see anything at all of what’s behind the landing page is a big turn off.

I guess you’ll change that soon enough though :slight_smile:

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Good feedback @Lucien and fair enough. I’ll update it tonight and let you know when you can access without entering card info first.

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@Lucien - updated. Let me know what you think!


Maybe I had missed it the first time (if so, my bad): was there the possibility all along to create a free board without signing up? That’s neat. Maybe even add that it is without signing up, that’s a big plus!


Overall it’s good and easy to use! Good flow.

I wonder, however, what is the added value vs. incumbents like Trello?

What attracted me at first was the messaging: it’s a tool for Retrospectives! But, having tried it (both the non logged-in and logged-in versions), it is not really obvious that the tool is dedicated to that. What makes it so today? Or what will make it so in the future?

Some other details (not really important):

There’s twice “home” in the user menu (if you are not logged in), that a tad confusing.


What is the “+” for ? It seems I can click on it as many time as I want and it keeps incrementing.


Thanks again for your feedback @Lucien. I fixed the issue you mentioned above about the two home links. That’s what I get for copy and pasting. Also changed the icon from + to an up arrow. That feature is intended more as a fun feature that allows team members to express if they really agree with something by up-voting it multiple times.

As for the benefit in using this over a Trello or similar solution. It really comes down to convenience. I have seen scrum masters at our organization struggle with getting the right board in from of the right team at the right time. The combination of RetroBoard’s template functionality and 1-team link nearly puts the retro board creation on autopilot. Once you create the board for a team, team members can select a single recurring meeting invite link to take them to the latest board for their team. Other benefits from the organization standpoint include standardization around how retros are held across multiple teams.

It’s not for everyone, but it does provide a simple and intuitive interface for collaborating during retrospectives. Our team loves it and has found it to be effective. I also have over 5 paid trial customers after only being live for a few days.

A design system is so much more than a style guide. Much More!

@gpdmop Hey man,

Awesome to see you have a product launched.

My first issue is that you’re directing new users to the Dashboard page. There’s no clear CTA at all on the screen. Only tiny none visible text asking me to visit another page to continue using your product.

As a first time user, I’ll like to be on-boarded to learn the product. You don’t need to be very direct with tooltips popping up but clear with actional items. I wouldn’t say I’m giving you feedback, but presenting you with industry UX best practices.

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@gpdmop Grab some people you know that have not used the product and tell them about it. Bring your laptop and look over their shoulder while they’re using your app. Be a fly on the wall, but look for usablity issues and fix them until your users are understanding/using your product without an issue.

Here’s some design education -

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I see, yes the recurring invite is a nice feature! I think Trello allows for template too, but it’s a bit hidden among all their features. This is more obvious with RetroBoard. And no problem, a product doesn’t have to be for everyone :slight_smile:

Congrats on having already paying customers! :partying_face:

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Thanks, @samhouston1107. Just added some functionality that makes it a bit more straight-forward when first being on-boarded. Am in the process of sharing with others. Just launched on Sunday and am doing this on the side. Thanks for sharing the invision resource ^

You’re welcome man.

I wish you the best of luck with your startup.