Simple Job Ticket Report

I need some help understanding how to create a reports page for my app that allows users to select date ranges and preview the report in a repeating group, then download it as CSV. To help simplify below is a basic scenario that if anyone could help explain how to, I could apply it to my actual data. I appreciate any help you can provide.

Let’s say I have a data type Job Ticket with Date Received & Type fields. (Types = Copy, Print, Scan)
The user selects a from and to date using two Date/Time Pickers. The repeating group, groups by each Date Received by Month providing a count of each different Type per month & total job tickets per month.


A button that downloads repeating group results to CSV.

I was trying to figure out the groupby and download data to CSV but couldn’t get the outputs to = the above results.

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If Copy, Print and Scan are the columns in your table as listed above, then group by won’t work. You’ve you use “:merged with” function . Do a search for first category say Copy, use “:merged with” and perform a second Do search say Print with second category, use merged with again, and so on.
Hope this help!

Thanks for the reply. Copy, Print, & Scan would be option sets of the Job Ticket, Type Field. The repeating group and CSV file would have Columns for Copy, Print, Scan, & Total. I know how to create a table “Look” in a repeating group however, I’m struggling to get the data. Maybe this is a better example:

The button would export the repeatinggroup results. Not sure if I need to create a data type Reports to create a new thing from the Repeating group, then use the download data to CSV?

Did you ever find a solution?
I’m searching the forum for useful information about producing printable reports with header, footer, page breaks and proper line breaks.
In your case, since you want to export CSV, I would be thinking of putting the equivalent of your RG into a table. That could easily be exported as CSV. At least that’s my understanding, although I haven’t done CSV imports or exports yet.