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⏰ Simple Timer/Stopwatch - New Plugin from Zeroqode

@zeroqode I am looking to build an interval timer in my app ie the clock counts down from 20 seconds to 0, then runs 10 seconds to 0 and repeats this sequence the whole time the user is on the page. Can you cue this sequence using this plugin, so that when one timer stops another starts and repeats indefinitely?

Hi, @MattBB!

Yes, sure, it is possible as far as the plugin has events and actions that could be used to implement this.

Here is a way how you can do that:

  1. Place on page two Timer elements with different intervals.

  1. Set a workflow: when the page is load -start Timer 1.

  1. When Timer 1 ends (event Time End with the condition) - start the Timer 2

  1. The next Event will be- when the Timer 2 End- start Timer 1

Hope this helps!
Zeroqode Team

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Thanks this is really helpful! Are there any plans to add sounds to the countdown? ie 3 second warning?

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Hi, @MattBB!

Actually, we didn’t think about that, but, thanks for your idea, we will take into consideration adding the sounds to the countdown :wink: We need to see how feasible it is to implement. I’m afraid we cannot provide the exact time estimates, but you can be sure, we’ll notify you asap. :slightly_smiling_face:

Zeroqode Team

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Hi @zeroqode,

quick question: I am thinking if I could use your countdown timer in combination with the Bubble email confirmation to allow users to use my Bubble app for a certain amount of time in which they have the chance to confirm their email. If they don’t confirm within the given time, they will lose access to the app until they finally do confirm their email.

Imagined flow: User signs up >> navigated to logged-in environment >>

  • Condition 1: if email confirmed is no >> show hideable group with 24h countdown and ask to confirm email (incl. link)
  • Condition 2: if email confirmed is yes >> hide and deactivate countdown timer
  • Condition 3: if email confirmed is no and count down is finished >> log user out

Would something like this work. Specifically, would the countdowntimer keep working on a user field if the user is logged-out or navigates away from the page?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi, @georg !

Thanks for reaching out!

So, I’m afraid we cannot provide step by step instructions on how to implement this, but it could be potentially achieved. Here is a hint which can be useful. So, you may create a filed in the database to the user, for instance, Time, and then use it in the Countdown element saying- show 24 hours available from the time point when the user is Sign in.

In this case, the countdown will count the time according to the user’s login time. The other flow like send an email to the user, if the email is confirmed etc, should be set as a workflow. This is more related to bubble logic behind rather than to the plugin functionality and needs to be tested.

Hope this helps!
Zeroqode Team

Thanks for the reply! Absolutely clear that you can’t write down a full step by step instructions and wasn’t expected either :wink:

Do I understand correctly that you would do it relative to user creation date, i.e. when the user first signed up, right? That way it would remain valid even if the user logs out in between or refreshes the session.

Hey, @georg!

Yes, that’s correct :slightly_smiling_face: