Simple way to increment letters?

I’m trying to create a simple list whereby each item can be either a bullet, a number, a letter, or a checkbox. I’m stuck on incrementing the letter portion for each list item (ex - if I add a new list item after “e” the label will show “f”).

Is there an easy way to do this in Bubble without having to create a million conditionals to check the previous value and show the next one in the sequence? Ideally it would also handle wrapping from “z” to “z-a”, etc.

Are theses letters supposed to be a dynamic element in a repeating group and match the letter of the alphabet based on Current Cell’s Index?

Yes, starting with a (cell 1) and on down the list to b, c, etc. Each cell could also have a sub-bullet that follows its own sequencing depending on its own type (bullet, number, letter, or checkbox).

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