SimpleLooper – Nest one loop within another?

Hi @vini_brito I am testing out your plugin SimpleLooper, thank you so much for putting it together.

I have experimented with the demo and also tried using it along with Custom Events for synchronous workflows as described here – but I am struggling with this issue:

Can one SimpleLooper be nested within another? It seems like this is not possible – in the debugger, it appears that the parent loop’s iteration must finish before any nested/child loop can begin.

What I need is to pause the parent loop’s current iteration – and then start and finish a nested/child loop – before the parent loop resumes and completes its iteration. How can I do this?

Thanks for any help and insight!


Hi Greg! Thanks for the kind words! Right now I don’t think I have nested example ready, but if I eventually do put up one I will let you know! :blush:

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Thank you @vini_brito

Also I notice that once the Start Looping action is called, the current workflow will complete before the Looper is started, instead of immediately starting the Looper. This is true even with only 1 Looper on the page.

I have to use many Custom Events in my workflows, in order to fire the actions in correct sequence. But even when I put the Looper in a Custom Event, it does not fire immediately – it waits until the current workflow is complete.

Is there a way to trigger a Looper to start immediately? If not, please consider that a feature request

Can you provide an example of that in an isolated app for me to tinker with? That way I’d be able to see it happening and do something about it :wink:

Is there a way to utilize this in a backend workflow? I need to loop through dates of the month in a backend workflow but I don’t see any way to call this Looper from there.

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In backend workflows you can freely loop by rescheduling the same workflow :blush:
Bubble team lifted this limitation for backend workflows, but not in the browser.
Search the forums about that and you will find a goldmine of information teaching you that! :smile:
A good keyword is “recursion” too.

But answering your question: Nope, this plugin is made to run only on the browser.

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Thanks, after I posted I actually figured out a way to accomplish what I needed. Will keep your plugin in mind for any futures uses though :wink:

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