Site disappeared (unindexed from Google)

Hey guys,

Looking for some help!

My site disappeared from Google this week :frowning:

I’m not sure how/ why this has happened and if i search for our URL the whole site seems to have been un-indexed. The site is:

When I now request a crawl using Google Search Tools it tells me this is what it gets back:

It’s a straightforward domain to bubble setup, so no redirects.

This is really frustrating as we were doing so well and on 2nd place google until now, can you advise at all?

Thanks guys!

Getting “too many redirects” here.

Looks like you are flipping back and forwards between /index and the domain.

Thanks! How do I fix this? and what have I done wrong to make this happen?

Now that is a very good question. Have you changed the DNS or redirects in Bubble ?

I have not, since we put it live under that domain, only things we have changed are minor design and content stuff :confused:

We were 2nd on Google and getting good traffic until a few days ago, then this.

Does this give any clues?

Apparently only 2 of the 11 pages have been indexed?

The date at which is was processed matches up with our drop in traffic

With the help of Bubble Support I think I found it- somehow I had a “if the user is logged out go to index page” workflow - to my horror in the FOOTER! :open_mouth:

Ok so I have removed that now- any suggestions on how best to approach an attempt to re-index? :frowning:

I am still getting this return when i crawl with google tools- is it normal to take a while to update?

This is all sorted thanks @NigelG and Bubble support for your help. It is now back on the top of Google Search results page :slight_smile:

So just FYI it took less than 24 hours after fixing the redirect and being re-crawled. I did submit a request via Google Webmaster Search Tools.


Glad it is sorted, and good to know the process for getting it reindexed too. Thanks.

It’s likely that Google never truly de-indexed it, rather just sort of hid it when they spotted the problem and checked back periodically to see if the issue resolved. Once it saw it had, it just unhid back at its previous spot.

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Just wanted to add in some extra info for anyone out there experiencing a “de-index” from Google without any site errors causing it. I just spent some time trying to figure out why a Bubble app that was showing up on 1st page results for the app name had suddenly disappeared. The only changes made were content - a lot of new content, some new pages, some removed pages, etc. Overall, no weird workflows or re-directs. In fact, after doing the same crawl in the Google Search Console (where OP got redirection errors), this app returned a successful response.

A simple request for re-indexing completely restored it. Literally within 5 minutes, it was showing up again in Google. The app isn’t that heavy, so for other apps with more going on, it might take longer (up to 24 hrs).

It was a bit of a panic for app owner, and I’m also learning more and more about SEO. I came across some common suggestions, and the following in some SEO blog summed it up nicely:

As time goes on and you add new features or content to the site, Google’s site crawlers will recognize that the site is an active one, and crawl the site more regularly. Submitting your site for re-indexing will become unnecessary once this happens.

Hope this helps other folks out there!

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