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Slow Chart Load - how to speed up?

I’ve got a chart that displays the current user’s count of Answer things grouped by creation date. It takes over 6 seconds to load (on Personal plan) despite the current user having created only 35 Answer things.

Here are the chart’s inputs:


The Bubble Manual has a section on connecting types with each other that offers three options for database design. I’m using the approach Bubble describes as Option 1+2. I could try Option 3 but that’s recommended when you “expect one thing to have a list of more than 100 values”.

With only 35 records I’d expect Option 1+2 to have much better performance. I’ve done some testing and the loading of this chart seem to scale linearly so at the 100 record threshold this chart would have a load speed of roughly 20 seconds.

Am I doing something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated.

Same problem here.

Did you find a solution?

no solution. if you find one, please update this thread as I’d like to know. thanks and good luck!

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Shouldn’t take that long. Have you tried other chart plugins? Mine may be a a little hard to figure out at first but is definitely faster than that!

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You have this thread that can help you also:

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yes, I’ve seen that thread and tried the loading thing. the issue isn’t the chart load but the data load. so my question is at its core another “why is bubble so slow?” question.

in response to these questions - there are a lot - bubble offers generic answers. they’re usually something like this: “bubble is fast enough; you just don’t know how to use bubble and you designed your database incorrectly”

it’s really frustrating and why I referenced the Bubble Manual that tells you how to structure your bubble database and described how my database is structured according to the Manual.

so why are my database queries so slow? I have no idea

my solution was to just remove this chart from my app. it was a nice to have but not critical feature. sucks but that’s bubble life

That’s a shame.
What I noticed it is when I activate “Do not skip empty groups” in Group by options that the loading time increases.

Hey Jared!

Had a look to your plugin. Looks great but seems really hard to implement. :wink:

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Not bad once you get the gist of it. I’d be happy to help you set one up sometime if you wanted to plan out a zoom call.

I probably won’t make documentation for them because they’re free :joy: but will do some forum posts if someone has specific questions. I’d also add features as requested if they can be feasibly implemented.

I’m using a fairly complex custom timeline chart for one of my apps that I coded. Loads very quick. Slow load times are likely due to a lot of complex data filtering.

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Because calls to the dB often require the server to be woken up. The server takes a second to “come alive” then does the search and then sends it back.

Using Firebase or another real-time database or just using a backend that doesn’t need to “be woken up” with client side (not server side) api calls would make your data retrieval faster for sure. It takes more work though to configure a plugin the way you need it.

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Hi @jared.gibb
Would be great to plan a zoom call to set your pluggin within my app.

Please tell me in DM when you are available. I am based in France (UTC+2)

Thank you in advance!