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SOLVED- Buttons positioning

Hello guys

I have a little question about positioning of the buttons
I have this page : where i have “Next step” button.
When users choose option 4 “Family Cube” new options are available. I would like to move the “Next step” button below the new options when they are available.
Is it possible to do that?

Regards Claudiu

I’m assuming you have different groups that you are showing and hiding. You could put the Next Step button inside the group, that way you have control over where it goes.

i have everything in a group
the repeating group 1 which displays 4 options, and also the repeating group that displays few options if specific option from previous repeating group 1 has been clicked.
I will share the app here so you can see the behaviour

The group i m working on is called “Group_product” - within this group you can find both repeating groups and also the button
Thank you for your help

Take a look now, see if that’s working as intended. If so, here’s what I did:

  • I moved the Next Step button underneath the hidden group that shows more options.
  • I selected the hidden group, and in the little settings panel that pops up, I clicked a checkbox that says “Collapse height when hidden” (or something similar to that)

It looks like it’s doing what you were hoping, unless I misunderstood. Please lemme know!

ok. thank you
the trick was here “Collapse height when hidden”
Thank you again for using your time on this :slight_smile: