(SOLVED)Buttons stopped working

Not sure what to make of this, but I’m going crazy.

Many of my buttons no longer work, you can click on them but nothing happens, at some point they were all working fine.
I’m going to temporarily change my settings so that you can access all menu options without logging in.

Here is a link to the app and some examples of buttons that stopped working:


You can bring up this screen by clicking on any day in the calender. You should be able to close this window by hitting the close button, but it stopped working.

Here’s another example in the “training store”. previously clicking on any of the browse buttons would send you to the repeating display group, now it does not do anything.

No idea whats going on here, the only app-wide change I can think of was that I categorized all my workflows into folders.


Looks like there is a Floating Group over the top of the buttons.


@NigelG the only floating group on the page is the header. Can you explain what you are seeing?

@NigelG You are the man! There was a gigantic invisible button lodged in my header that made it float above my elements.


I had the same issue and have been going around in circles for hours. I decided to throw this in here in case somebody else has the same issue. I put a Fontawesome element on my page as a 5x5 element. even though its small, because I hadn’t hidden it, for some reason it was stopping all my buttons (icons) working. So I hid it and voila, all good.

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