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(solved) Can you ignore an Error

I am receiving an error, but when I correct it the program isn’t behaving the way I want it to when I leave the error it works perfect. Is there any way to work around this or am I missing something.

Just looking at this, I’d be very surprised if it’s working correctly. You group is looking for one thing, but your data source is a list of things. Can you share a link to your editor so folks can take a look?

Yes my group is looking for Based on Drop Down choice this date type will show. If I add :first item it corrects the error but it starts the choice with the first choice and I want it to be empty if nothing is chosen.

Ok cool. So what you can do is leave the data source empty (I think) and then in the conditional tab, create a condition that changes the data source to the :first item when the drop down has a value

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OK fix was stupid simple. I just left Data source empty. so the the type of content is defining my group I don’t need a data source, because my text is showing in my type box, the rotating data based on the indirect drop down choice.