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[SOLVED] Custom signup - adding name and other custom fields and a static dropdown

1- In the ToDO list, I can’t read the final of the sentence “Dynamica data …”
2- When I double click it, it selects the dropdown menu, and I can’t see any error on that
3- I need some help about adding custom fields on signup (like first and last name). In my first try I did a workflow in the signup button to use email and psw, but then creates a user’s “thing”, type “name”; and on. I don’t get it why the input name’s value can’t be used to create the user’s name (text is red)

I could see that when signup, all types where created in the user table, but only email was populated. Why?

1 and 2 solved - deleted and remade the the dropdown, and its fine now - but couldn’t discover the error

Started from scratch and solved all - one way to help me was to do all the internal terms in english, and all the UI in portuguese (so theres only a “name”= “input nome”), and create the additional elements and types in the DATA section, instead in the workflow.
I’m very excited!

Here’s the screenshots with the custom additional fields in signup working

Custom sign fields and types

2 users added perfectly

The signup (cadastro in portuguese) workflow

I want to share my sign up pop up. I did it a reusable item.
I did all the UI and workflow.

What you think?