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[SOLVED] How to display a hierarchical view of itens in a RG?

I can list in a RG a category or category items, but how to do this:

  • Fruits (category)
  • banana (itens)
  • grape
  • Car
  • suv
  • sedan
  • Pencil

You can try putting a repeating group inside the cell of a repeating group.

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Hi there, man. Check out what I did in the following link…

Press a “category” button up the top and the repeatingGroup will only show whatever is in the corresponding category.

If you can’t work out how I did it - let me know and I’ll try work it out again. I just spent ten minutes trying to work out how I did it, but couldn’t get my head around it - I would need to dedicate a bit more time working it out, if you need me to.

Here’s the editor page (please don’t modify it, i spent a lot of time making it all work) :grinning::grinning:

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Thank you @NigelG and @cakeheke but I having a mind block on this: RG inside an RG.

Each RG has 1 kind of source, how I can display different elements in a cell?

EDIT: Thanks!! It’s done! This community is :gem: and :trophy: !



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