[SOLVED] How to display data in floating group?

Does anyone know how to to display data in a floating group?

I have a page to create a Job, the save button sends data to the header floating group and I want to display the Jobs title but it won’t recognise it - I can only show :first item which is not what I want. Any ideas guys?

A floating group is no different from any other group in terms of data…

So you can use content type and a data source just like you would with a regular group.

Ah thanks, after you said that I checked again and found I had a group inside another group which wasn’t set to type Job (hence only being able to show :first item).

Still, the set up looks correct now but no text is displayed in the header?

If nothing is displaying then presumably there’s nothing to display (i.e. the parent group doesn’t have any data).

Use the debugger to check it and you should be able to trace the problem.

Sorted it. There was something to display but I had to right click and bring to the front, that seemed to solve it. Also, after creating the Job I clicked back and forth between my-jobs and the page with the header, but I forgot to pass the data from my-jobs so … hmmm, my fault! ha

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