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Groups in Popup do not resize with the page width

Hi everyone,
I am facing the issue, that I simply don´t have any more idea, why my selfmade popup-survey is not resizing correctly when it comes to responsiveness (in other words, wenn the page width is going down).

All groups/elements in the popup are unfixed width - actually, they do resize, but very slowly. And at some point, the element resizing does not go along with the page width-change. I hope the picture will help to understand my issue (sorry, I´m not a native speaker).

Maybe someone has an idea, what I could check or do? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: additional information, as you may can already see: By clicking to the next question (red button) the whole group (consisting of smaller groups for answers and the question itself, as well as the button set) will be hidden, and the next group with all elements will be shown. All together, 10 different “big” groups - I checked all elements in all groups - but could not solve the issue…

Solved - One Group from all those was bigger than the pop-up itself and caused the situation. It did change according to the page width - but caused the “slower” change also from all other groups.