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[solved] Problem Using Zapier to Create Calendar Events in Office 365

As part of my 2 week app building project, I’m trying to find a way to create Office 365 calendar events with Zapier.

I think I almost found a way using Zapier. I created my Office 365 account, connected it to Zapier and connected them together.

Here’s how I connected the Bubble fields to Outlook.l

Here’s what those fields look like in bubble

However, there’s an error with who the data comes into Zapier. Here’s the Zapier error. You can see the data leaves bubble as intended, but when it comes into Office 365, it’s a little strange.

Any ideas? It looks like a weird formatting issue.

Maybe this is the same reason why Bubble can’t integrate with Microsoft Graph directly.

If this is the case, I won’t if it’s possible to send data from Bubble > Zapier > Google Calendar > Office 365?

I see this got marked as solve. Care to share your solution?

Okay, I figured this one out too. This was a little strange.

Basically, the fields I was using before “querystring text 1” were the wrong fields. However, when I was setting up Zapier they were the only fields that were available.

For some reason, when I kept logging in, I could see the simple “text 1” fields. I plugged in these fields and it worked!

There is one strange thing that’s still happening. In bubble, I have 15 text fields to choose from. However, in zapier I can only see 5 of them. Not sure why this is.

Thanks for sharing this, Chris.

I haven’t tried using Zapier or any APIs yet. I have plenty of other app challenges to resolve. But at some point I’ll want to relate tasks in my to-do list with appointments in my Exchange 365 calendar(s).

What I REALLY want is two-way integration so that any change to date, time, duration in Exchange can be reflected in my app.

Any thoughts on this?