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[Solved] Transferring data between pages doesn't work

Hi all,

I’m currently having issues getting a basic information flow to work.

The ideal process would be:

  1. Page: User checks/unchecks fields by clicking on images --> save in data type “X” whether specific images are clicked
  2. User clicks on “Continue” button to get to next page, data is transferred
  3. Page: User enters contact details --> saved in same “X”


  • Saving information in “current page X” or “current group X” does not work, a new lead is created at every step

We tried:

  • Working with “current page X”: page types are “X”
  • Working with “parent group X”: parent group type is “X”

Thanks a lot,

Have you got a link to an example we can have a look at?

Just got it to work! The key was to display the “current X” in the group after editing it and only then sending it to the next page.