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Some clarification of parameter "This element is visible on page load"

Hi, all.
What is the right end of a statement “If that parameter unmarked (value = no), it means that…”:

  1. Element is loaded on page load, but it is “hidden” (not visible on the screen);
  2. Element is not loaded on page load at all.

Use case. Let’s imagine I have a very popular web shop (as popular as Amazon is :slight_smile:). I have two roles for users: “customer” and “order manager” (employee that manages and confirms details of orders from customers).
I have one page “Orders” and two groups that are shown/hidden on that page depending on user role:

  • Group Customer (visible if user role is “customer”). In that group I have a repeating group “My orders”. Only orders of “current user” are shown.
  • Group Manager (visible if user role is “order manager”). In that group I have a repeating group “All orders”. All orders made by different customers are shown there.

The parameter “This element is visible on page load” for Group Manager is set to “no” (unmarked).
So when “customer” goes to page “Orders” - will Bubble load only Group Customer or also load and hide (make invisible) Group Manager?

Not sure how about groups with data but in my case external apis are being executed on load, however rendering seems to be fired on visibility set to yes and not on loading as hidden.
I believe this is a good way to benefit from loading large data sets in a background so any related lags due to time consuming requests are not visible to users.

So in my case Group Manager will be loaded and hidden on page load. And the most important point is that data from hidden group will not be searched until it becomes visible. Am I right?

I think that’s right.

Why don’t you do some test and see what is passed over the wire as the various conditions are changed.

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