Someone must have the answer - Single Page Social Sharing

Converted multi-page to single page format :white_check_mark:
Published single page to AirNative :white_check_mark:
Items displayed in groups using States :white_check_mark:
URL Parameters used: :x:

How do I add a social share capability for each item :interrobang: :interrobang:

Help pleeeeeeeease…

P.S. I know I am not alone in this and I know I am not the only “non-coder” that has built an app and now feeling completely useless when it comes to implementing a very much needed social share feature.

Can you explain what you are looking for?

I don’t understand. What you are trying to share?

Please define what social share does

Thanks @troy.roberge and @cmarchan .

In a nutshell, I have a database of car models and the user can view each item (as a product). When they view the item, I would like the ability for them to share that particular model to Facebook. Any Facebook user that then sees that shared post, will be taken to the app to view that particular model.

I can fully understand how to do this if I were using a multipage website but I am completely lost with a single page app.

Thanks @cmarchan but the plugin uses URL’s and the issue with my single page app is that I don’t have a URL specific to each item. This is where I need the help.

How do I make it so that my single page app is able to produce a specific URL for the particular item and then more importantly, get the app to set all the relevant states to show the appropriate group and populate the Set State of the group to show the particular item?

with bubble you can’t have something like this

But you could do it like this

Where buick is the slug value from the database.

So you’d set your “Type of content” on the “Car” page to the Car data you want to show. To access a specific cars data, you’d type in the slug value you assign it, in the database via url.

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Yeah the responses here will fix you up. It’s fairly easy to use address variables.

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Thanks all, going to give the suggested a try tonight and will report back. Appreciate everyone’s input on this.

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Thanks everyone again for the advice.

I have now figured out how to share the url and all works well. However, in so doing I have figured out what exactly I am trying to achieve and I am not sure if it is possible:

I would like the user (any user) to be able to run a search for an item. Once the item is selected, they can click a share button which allows them to share the item in a facebook post. What I would like my app to do is:

  • Allow the user to type a message in the post body (either take from an input on my app or available to them in their facebook post draft
  • add the picture of the selected item to the post
  • add the url that I have now been able to create for the item.

They then share it and it posts to their facebook page/group the image, post body and the url.

I have been able to recreate exactly the above requirement through a plugin called @ayrshare but the problem is that it only works for my connected facebook account and would require all my users to create and Ayrshare account and connect their social platforms (which they are not going to do just to use my app.

Has anybody tried this?

Hi @julian.mcneill - Please check out this page for details on how to use the Ayrshare Business Plan to connect all of your users to their social media accounts and let them post.

To get more details on the Business Plan, please reach out via the form on this page or just DM us.


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