Sometimes stripe plugin does not check security code of credit card

When we try to subscribe the user, sometimes invalid security code of credit card is not checked. (Error doesn’t happen)
After trial is finished, payment is failed.
This bugs only happens in live.
(In debug mode, security code of test card is free to input)

・Plugin Name:Stripe
・Plugin Reference URL:Stripe - Bubble Docs
・version: Checkout v2


Hey there @matsuyama,

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Interesting find, I don’t think I’ve seen that yet, but that’s because I’ve been using v3. Have you tried to upgrade to v3? I believe Bubble and Stripe is phasing out v2 anyway.

Thank you for your quick response.
I’ve tried v3, but it also doesn’t work.

Have you tried filing a bug report?

Yes. Now, we are communicating by email.

Thank you.