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  1. I’ve included my plan below. Can I achieve it using .bubble?

I have created a database of free health clinics in the world. As of now, I have listed all the clinics with their location in a google excel sheet. I want to create an app (both mobile and web apps) that will prompt the person to answer some questions through a form regarding their health-related needs. Inside that form, the person will also input their zip code or location. After submitting the form, consequently, the app will show the person all the free health clinics within 10-15 miles of their location. Can I achieve this using .bubble?

  1. Where does the data that the person input into that form get stored? Will .bubble allow me to decide where I want the data to be stored?

  2. Can I publish my .bubble app on google play and the app stores? If yes, how? Will I be able to offer the same experience through my .bubble mobile app that apps on google and app Store provide to users?

  3. If I want to publish my .bubble app in google play and app stores but not on web, can I do that?

Thank you. I am not really intending to add intense custom codes. If my .bubble app will do what is mentioned above, I am happy.

Yes. You create your database structure then make the front end user interface to fill in your database.

Bubble has a built in database so you create your front-end user interface and you would create database entries containing the data they inputted

Your Bubble app is essentially a website, so you would want to use what’s called an App Wrapper which takes your website and packages it nicely into a Android/iPhone app.

At some point on your app you have to deploy your app to the web so the app wrapper can display that page. There’s probably a way to prevent the webpage from being manually navigated to on a computer but maybe someone else can chime in on that one

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Thanks for replying. I deeply appreciate it.

Regarding my first question. I want the app to “automatically” show the user all the free health clinics in their region, instead of having my team reach out to them manually. According to your reply, by creating a database structure then making the front-end user interface to fill in the database, I will be able to achieve the connecting to free health clinics aspect, right?

A more question:

Does .bubble allow custom coding/ inputting code into the web app to some extent? For example, I have created a code that takes the location of a user as input and shows health clinics in their region as output. Is there a way I can input this code into my .bubble app?

Thanks for your help.

You can use bubbles native code to accomplish showing someone listings in their region, and you already have listings data

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With bubble you can store all of your data to your own third party database like MS SQL Server.

You can publish your app as a mobile app to both stores by creating a single page app via xcode or visual studio making the front page a webview.

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